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Wet Steam Cycle Expanders


PowerVerde's revolutionary wet steam cycle system utilizes a proprietary axial multi-cylinder steam expander designed to operate at extremely high temperatures and pressure.


This expander's high temperature capability allows it to produce electricity with much higher efficiency and lower costs than competing small scale expander systems. 

This system can work with multiple heat sources including high temperature waste heat, solar thermal, and biomass. 

The expander is powered by wet steam which is safe, non-toxic, and inexpensive compared with conventional working fluids. 

Our unique expander system can produce clean electricity with no pollution.

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374Water's SCWO

PowerVerde is currently developing a steam powered heat recovery system to generate electricity from the high temperatures created by 374Water's Super Critical Water Oxidation Bioreactor(SCWO). 

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This SCWO is a novel, disruptive technology for the sanitation industry. The SCWO system processes organic waste including human, animal, and agricultural waste as well as plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals within seconds and converts them into clean, pathogen and odor-free mineral ash, and potable water.


This phenomenon occurs when the organic waste is pumped and compressed to supercritical conditions of 3500 psi and 800F. Significantly, the energy content of the sludge (think of it as a fuel source) is released during the super critical reaction resulting in an energy rich gas that can be converted by PowerVerde's expander into usable electricity.