Clean Energy


Waste Heat Recovery

A tremendous amount of energy is created and wasted as a biproduct from operating machinery and generating power, as well as in industrial processes like steel or glass production.


PowerVerde Wet Steam Cycle System is designed to capture wasted heat and convert it into usable electric power. The Wet Steam Cycle Expander has the ability to run off of a very high temperature heat source and direct steam. This makes it much simpler, more efficient, and affordable compared to other conventional heat recovery systems.  

Solar thermal

When most people think of solar power they think of photovoltaic panels.  photovoltaic technology turns the light from the sun into electricity. Solar thermal collectors are different and work by capturing and concentrating the heat from the sun.


PowerVerde's expander system can then turn that heat into electricity. One advantage of solar thermal power is that it can be more easily stored to continue generating power even after the sun has set, without the need for expensive batteries required by Photovoltaic systems. 


Heat can also be extracted from biomass. For example large piles of plants will start to decay and give off heat while they decompose. That heat can then be captured and PowerVerde's technology can convert it into electricity.

374Water's SCWO

PowerVerde has been engaged to design and build the heat recovery system for 374Water's SCWO Bioreactor to capture the exothermic heat from their Super Critical Water Oxidation (SCWO) process and turn it into electricity to continually operate their reactor. 

The SCWO solution can breakdown organic matter like biosolids, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical waste(including the forever chemicals, PFOs, and PFAs) back into their original non-toxic molecules. This converts the waste into clean water, inert gasses, and small amounts of pathogen and odor-free mineral ash. 

Their initial commercial SCWO unit is designed to process up to 6 tons of waste per day with much larger units planned to follow.