Misty Slopes

Company Summary


PowerVerde is commited to creating eco-friendly power solutions for the world.

Mission Statement

PowerVerde is designing and manufacturing proprietary high temperature recovery systems for zero emission electrical generation based on our revolutionary Wet Steam Cycle. 

Company Description

PowerVerde, Inc engages in the development, commercialization, and marketing of electric generating power systems. These can be used for waste heat recovery, solar thermal, and biomass to produce power with zero emissions, based on a unique pressure driven motor.


Meet The Team

 Rick Davis

 CEO & Chairman

Management & Business Consultant

Over 30 Years Experience

 Corporate Finance Specialist

Hank Leibowitz

Chief Technical Officer

Expert in Advanced Energy Conversion Systems


 Over 35 Years in Mechanical Engineering


      Waste Heat Recovery Design          

Randy Hinson

Sales & Marketing Director

Marketing & Manufacturing High Pressure Pumps


40 Years Experience 

Sold His Company to National Oilwell Varco

Danny Bogar


Operations Manager

Many Years of Successfully Growing Businesses

Expert in World Wide Sales

Mark Prinz

Chief Engineer

Design & Manufacturing

Many Years of Manufacturing Expertise

Expert in HYACR Design

John Hofmann

Chief Financial Officer


Over 30 Years of Experience

Former Sr. Manager at Price Waterhouse